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Windows or Mac, Which is Better?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Source: Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Windows, which refers to Microsoft Windows is an embodiment of various graphical operating systems developed and marketed by tech giant Microsoft. The first version was released as far back as 1985 and had adaptations of licensed concepts used by Apple Inc. for its Macintosh System Software.

These graphical operating systems are used for functions ranging from file storage, running of software, to playing games, watching videos and playing audio files as well as connecting to the internet.

Classic Mac OS

The classic Mac OS (Macintosh operating system) which had 9 releases from 1984 to 1999 was succeeded by macOS which had its first desktop edition in 2001.

In terms of hardware choices, Windows offers a wider array in terms of system and peripheral devices which a user may want to utilize as input or output aids.

Windows OS

Windows gives far more room for system configuration with desired components than Mac. This flexibility conversely makes it more susceptible to harmful programs. Mac is a more secure OS than Windows largely due to Apple’s monopoly of control over its hardware and software, giving it a relative ease in terms of implementation of new security features.

There is an argument to be made that Macs are safer because they are less targeted than Windows by malware writers considering Macs command just about 8% of the PC market.

It would be amiss to compare these two products without referencing pricing. While various Windows computers can be purchased at below $500, the same cannot be said about the highly priced Macs; whose prices aren’t always reflective of the value delivered by the computer.

Upgrade capability of a computer has a marked effect on its longevity. Windows computers are far easier to upgrade than Macs. An amateur user with the right guides can make a commendable attempt to upgrade his/her computer while even an experienced computer technician would encounter difficulties upgrading a Mac system. Apple technicians are almost always specialists.

The sleek design of Mac products make them far more aesthetically pleasing than Windows, this is also apparent in the more enticing Graphic User Interface employed by Mac. This has significance as a non desirable user interface can make working with the system monotonous resulting in an undesirable user experience.

Mac experiences far less system crashes than their Windows counterparts. These crashes occasionally result in loss of files and/or general inconvenience. Error messages and other forms of notification on Mac are more easily docked and dismissed, giving room for the user to concentrate on the task at hand.

Perhaps in the coming years, there would be a general conclusion on the debate about which is the better operating system. Ultimately, it varies from user to user and is dependent on three user dependent questions:

1. What are you using your OS for ? A gamer may gravitate towards a Windows PC for its versatility while a video graphics designer may prefer Mac.

2. How important is the cost of the PC? With similar system specifications, a Windows PC costs less than its Mac counterpart.

3. What other devices would you use with the PC? If you have other Apple products you may want to use with the system, a Mac is a better bet than a Windows PC.

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