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Why You Should Never Unsubscribe From Illicit Spam Emails And Texts

What's the best way to deal with illicit spam emails. Click “stop” or “unsubscribe?” While this seems like the right thing to do in a parallel universe, there's nothing parallel about the world we live in. Thus, your best line of action would be to avoid clicking those buttons.

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Interacting with spammers is unsafe for you

You should differentiate spam messages laden with malware links or marketing fake insurance rates from those newsletters you once subscribed to but no longer find useful. In this article we are talking about the former.

When spammers send millions of emails or texts daily, their messages aren’t targeted at any demographic directly. They often have very little idea of functional phone numbers or emails in their lists. Therefore, any activity from an account or phone number will signal spammers that making the account or phone number a target for future well planned spam messages.

When you reply any text or unsubscribe, you inadvertently reveal the functionality of your account. You may become prone to more spam messages.

What should you do with spam?

The best line of action is to avoid engagement. When your receive spam mail, simply mark it and use the delete button without opening the mail. The same goes for texts, you can delete the message and block the sender without replying.

How do you avoid spam

  • Stop inputting your email in public posts or sites.

  • Have two email addresses. You can keep one for personal messages or more official purposes and the other for everything else.

Note: Images such as this are often associated with malware.

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