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Who Needs an Office Anyway?

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Image by 政徳 吉田 from Pixabay

Remember how back in the day, everyone had to go to an office to work? I mean, sometimes it could be a cubicle with a desk and a seat set for employees to carry out all their administrative tasks.

In recent times, a collocated office is almost unnecessary, thanks to a couple of rational reasons.

Here are some of these reasons:

Millennial technology

A generation that developed most of its social skills from social media interaction has learned the benefits of connection and the importance of staying connected. This generation has now converted this knowledge to the corporate world and the traditional working environment.

Innovative technology, which aids the effective development, transfer, and processing of information, makes remote work a dream come true. Applications and software like Zoom, Slack, Notion, among others – have been beneficial, especially given the pandemic lockdown situation in recent times.

In truth, this has, for the most part, been a welcome development as the routine outfits and 9-5's are not designed for a generation who would rather order food from a stranger and have the delivery guy drop the food at the door just to avoid interactions.


You could go ahead and predict that the results of a poll asking random employees whether they would like to report at the office or work remotely – would be a landslide win for the latter. Apart from introverts, many people despise the tension within toxic office environments, office drama, and the occasional office romance gone south (This one is often fun when you aren't involved).

When employees work from their desired locations - most likely without the tension that comes with the office setting - what the organization gets is a more significant percentage of highly motivated staff who are more productive and, of course, imply more significant revenue for the company.


Literally everyone is seeking ways to reduce expenses these days; therefore, this is probably a practical reason for offices to go the remote route.

By creating a safe remote working solution for your company, you eliminate annoying operating costs such as electricity, maintenance, and the increased risks of having stakeholders on critical path activities running around with isolated reports of the COVID-19 delta variant strain.

There are apparent concerns about remote work. Some of them include the productivity levels of staff, security of organizational process assets, and accountability issues.

The next time you walk into your office building, take a look around and calculate just how much you could be saving if administrative staff work remotely.

The outcome might blow your mind.

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