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What's Coming With the Surface Book 3

The Microsoft surface family is getting a lot of additions soon. With the launch of new products like the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo, the company seems to have shifted all of its gaze away from the proposed surface 3.

The surface 3 which was expected by fans and customers worldwide was well delayed, causing a lot of disappointment in fans who have come to find a companion in the Surface products. After the release of surface 2, there was an anticipation towards surface 3 which never seemed to happen.

With the release and launch of two other products due, it seems likely that the surface 3 may never come.

However, recent whispers indicate a return.

A recent report indicates that plans are already being actualized to unveil the Surface 3 soon.

No actual date has been given yet by Microsoft. But they’ll most likely try to separate the launch of the Surface 3 from the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo.

We really do not know much about the surface 3, but this is what we can tell for sure.


There are really no serious indications towards a change in the design and look of the Surface 3. We aren't saying there won't be any changes. Nothing has been indicated as regards that. Maybe Microsoft is keeping us in the dark to wow us all.


Microsoft is planning to really out do themselves this time. Although there are really no suggestions for an upgrade on the design of the Surface 3, there will surely be huge changes on the inside, where it matters the most.

The surface three would feature the recent 10th Gen Ice Lake processor and NVidia’s 16 series mobile GPU.

With a dedicated graphics card, the Surface 3 would be a decent choice for gaming and graphics related functions.

The price range

The surface 2 started around the £1400 price mark. It would not be surprising if the Surface 3 starts around a £2000 mark, rising as high as £3000. Keeping in mind that the Surface Duo is expected to start at a £2000 mark, it would not be surprising that the price of the Surface 3 may dig a big whole in your wallet.

With the Surface 3 ready to get back into the game, there is a high expectation among fans of the Surface family. There would surely be smiles on their faces soon.

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