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What is blue light? Find out how devices may be killing your eyes.

It is common knowledge that light emitting devices like laptops and mobile phones can adversely affect your eyes. You have most likely experienced eye strain and potentially cluster headaches from staring at your phone for long periods. In many cases, blue light is the culprit.

What is blue light?

Blue light is light with blue wavelengths. It is a color in the visible spectrum and can be seen by human eyes. Blue light is everywhere; the sun is a major source of blue light, and now you can come across blue lights in computer screens, tablet screens, smartphones, televisions, LED lights, fluorescent lights.

For clarity, blue light isn't exactly bad, as it has some good effects, but too much exposure to blue light can affect us negatively.

Why blue light from devices may be killing your eyes

Due to blue light's presence and our over reliance and increased use of digital devices that emit blue light, we have altered nature's balance, which projects blue light along with the sun every waking day, and eliminates it at sunset.

Looking at electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, computers, and televisions can cause eye strain. Too much exposure is bound to cause digital eye strain. Our eyes have not evolved to protect us from artificial lights, so prolonged exposure might lead to irreparable damage.

Here are some symptoms to note when your devices may be killing your eyes:

- Itchy, watery, or sore eyes

- Constant headaches (especially behind one eye)

- Sensitivity to light

- Poor sleep and blurry visions

How to reduce blue light from affecting your eyes:

  • Avoid using your devices in the dark- looking at your screen in a pitch dark room will cause you to strain your eyes. If you must, then reduce the brightness considerably (This is not enough in the long run).

  • Take a break- take scheduled breaks from your devices. Turn off your phones and computer, take a walk, read a book. Set the number of hours you need to spend on your devices and when you need to take a break. You may also look away from your device after every twenty minutes.

  • Change your device setting- Most digital devices these days come with blue light blocking feature. When activated, this feature blocks out the blue light making your scree seem yellowish. This is an exceptional way to mitigate the adverse effects of blue light on your eyes.

  • Use the eye care option- You may opt for blue light blocking lenses, especially if you already use glasses. These glasses block out all blue light, ensuring that you never have to deal with blue light anymore.

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