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These were the 25 Most Popular Passwords

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25 most popular passwords

Many persons have had their accounts hacked and their personal details stolen in the past. The victims of these crimes cut across all social networks and online websites. This obviously continues to emphasize the need for proper security protocols by everyone.

It comes as no surprise that most individuals are yet to implement 2-factor authentication on their online accounts.

Some people sef no sabi wetin them dey call 2 factor authentication.

While there are many security measures set to curtail the excesses of these online hackers, one of the fundamental security measures is the use of passwords.

Unfortunately, a lot of people expose their information to security threat as a result of their inability to use secure or unpopular passwords.

This Password kini issa struggle for most people

A hacker accessing PC user's card details
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Splash Data released its yearly list of the worst passwords and “123456” maintained the number one spot from the previous year. This shows how complacent many internet users can be with security.

Interestingly, some individuals may even use “password” as their passwords.

Actually, the listed passwords didn’t come as a surprise. This raises a matter of concern because it’s obvious that many people still defy advice despite the multitude of warnings and lessons they receive on how to effectively secure their accounts and personal details online.

The published data also exposes interestingly the mindset and thought pattern of most internet users. For instance, sport is a familiar reference for certain internet users who seek passwords for their online accounts.

Stop using the name of your favorite team as a password

Arsenal F.C players looking downcast
Photo from Reuters pic

Not like the team is good sef. Imagine an Arsenal fan using "Arsenal321" as his bank app password? And later uncle will be wondering why money no dey enter that account.

Arsenal fans argue with your phone

In recent times, many accounts have been said to come up with sport related words like “football”, “basketball” and “baseball” as their preferred passwords. Unsurprisingly, “football” and “baseball” find themselves among list of the top 25.

Some password choices can be traced to major events or movies which happened or were premiered that year for example “solo” and “starwars”. This could be the reason the word “princess” became popular as a password choice again.

Please be careful when selecting passwords. Firstly, choose a password which is more than eight characters long. Ensure that it is largely different from passwords you’ve used in the past. You may use a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Lastly, you may want to use your username as your password for remembering sake but I’ll advise you to avoid that temptation.

List of 25 most popular passwords

Below is the list of the top most popular passwords, compared with their position the previous year.

1. 123456 ( same)

2. Password (same)

3. 12345678 (moved up one place)

4. qwerty (moved up one place)

5. 12345 (moved down two places)

6. 123456789 (same)

7. football (moved up three places)

8. 1234 (moved down one place)

9. 1234567 (moved up two places)

10.baseball (moved two places down)

11.welcome (new addition)

12.1234567890 (new addition)

13.abc123 (moved up one place)

14.111111 (moved up one place)

15.lqaz2wsx (new addition)

16.dragon (moved down seven places)

17.master (moved up two places)

18.monkey ( moved down six places)

19.leitmen (moved down six places)

20.login (new addition)

21.princess (new addition)

22.qwertyuiop (new addition)

23.solo (new addition)

24.passw0rd (new addition)

25.starwars ( new addition)

To be fore warned is to be fore armed, make monkey no born ten, eleven die.

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