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Li-Fi which is otherwise known as light fidelity is a new technology which supports wireless communications at very high speeds.

The original idea for Li-Fi technology was coined during a TED talk back in 2011, by University of Edinburg Professor Harald Haas, he believed that we could use LED light bulbs as potential wireless routers, meaning that wherever there is an LED light bulb, there would be a possibility of available internet connection.


Wi-Fi and Li-Fi both work on a similar basis. They transmit data electromagnetically between different points. A major difference between their modes of operation is that Li-Fi uses light waves while Wi-Fi runs solely on radio waves.

Using light waves gives the advantage of higher bandwidth and higher speeds, removing the possibility of interference by electromagnetic appliances.

All LED bulbs are also semiconductors of light, they contain a photo detector which is used to receive light signals and convert it into streamable data. Since it is also a semiconductor, it means that the constant electricity being supplied to the bulb can be dipped and dimmed at will, at very fast speeds such that the changes are not visible to the human eye.

When the light dips and dims, the little changes are picked up by a receiver and converted into electrical signals after which it is converted into a binary data stream that is easily translated and understood by internet enabled devices.

Using Li-Fi has some technological disadvantages. It has a short range due to the range of the light bulbs, it also requires the light bulbs be on at all times to enable the transmission of data between two points.

Li-Fi signals cannot pass through walls. So, to enjoy fast interrupted network, you would have to install light bulbs throughout your home or place of work.

On the plus side it can be used in airplanes and places that require you avoid electromagnetic interference. It is best for battery powered devices seeing as it consumes less power than Wi-Fi.

Still this is relatively new technology and is still being developed all around the world. With its impressive speeds and various applications Li-Fi is making waves in the techspere we are sure to see more solutions pop up over the years.

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