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Solar panels are arrays of photovoltaic cells that absorb, and convert sunlight into solar electricity. The viability of a solar panel refers to its ability to generate stable electricity with respect to the intensity of sunlight available.

In most cases, the viability of solar panels may also be measured with the amount to be expended on electricity bills among other expenses.

There are different types of solar cells; monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline, amorphous panel, and thin film solar panel, to mention but a few. The selection of the right type is dependent on the installation application among other varying considerations as this will ensure that you get the best return on investment. Some of these factors include;

Energy need: To determine the right solar panel to buy, an assessment of the energy consumption rate of your house is to be carried-out to know the specific needs of the household. An energy auditor around Abuja may be contracted to perform the task.

Space requirement: The space available for the panels to be mounted on should be considered. This is largely dependent on the structure of the building on which you intend to use the solar panels.

Cost: The amount it costs to purchase a particular type of solar panel is a critical factor that cannot be understated, when buying, you may consider the cheapest option within the ambit of your budget. The cost of panels are usually determined by the quality of material, size, brand, the capacity, and durability of the said panels.

The common issues with the low-end panels range from the need for constant repairs, to shorter warranty period from sellers.

Environment: The environmental friendliness of a panel is dependent on the quantity of materials used for production. Looking forward to greener solar options which will have the most minimal impact on the environment.

Other factors to look at include, the Tolerance rating, and the Panel quality. To get the right type of solar panels, you must consider how these features measure with your solar panel to ensure effective return on your investment.

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