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How to Choose a Voice Communication Solution for Your Business

Voice Communication system, Intercom, Pabx solution, PBX solution. In the Nigerian context, they all mean one and the same. Just the other day, a call came in from an elder citizen requesting an “intercom” system for her daughter’s business.

On site, we proceeded to educated Mama on the difference between a Pabx solution (which is what she really needed) and an Intercom system.

While work commenced, we continued with our failing attempt to convince Mama about the differences between both technologies and why she couldn’t call a Pabx system, an Intercom system.

Mama said “Abi you said most Nigerians call it “Intercom”” Yes Ma”, we chorused. If a man discovers he alone is singing in a market place, what does that make him” Mama asked smiling. We all laughed hysterically and accepted mama’s definition of an Intercom system.

Here are a couple of factors to consider before choosing your small business “Intercom” system especially in the beautiful city of Abuja.

1. How many business phone lines do you require?

While this seems like common sense, you cannot imagine how frequently an incomplete scope statement causes issues during voice communication projects in Nigeria. Make a list of the exact number of lines you require and provide some extras to ensure scalability.

2. What telephone system features would most benefit your business

You obviously do not just run into the market searching for an “Intercom” system because Chief Obi has it in his office. Well now that I think of it, you probably do…lol…..Seriously though, before you install a voice communication system, understand what features you actually need. This ensures a clear scope statement so as to avoid scope creep.

3. How will your businesses’ growth strategy impact your phone system needs in future?

Let’s be sincere. Most of us will not think this one through, even though it’s important. You need to possess an in-depth understanding of how your “Intercom” system fits into your organisation’s business strategic objectives. This will usually ease up the process of decision making with regards the aforementioned points.

These are some important considerations when acquiring a new voice communication system (Intercom). Please feel free to contact us on +2348039640940 or e-mail us at noble.okonkwo@zudera.net for more information 24/7.

At Zudera, your problem, is our challenge.

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