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How Many Years Does a Laptop Last?

How many years does a laptop last

There are a number of factors to consider when considering a new laptop. One of the most important factors to pay attention to is obviously durability. You ask yourself ‘If I make this investment, how long will it serve me? What will I get out of it and for how long?’

These are pertinent questions especially since Sapa dey the land.

A few factors will determine how long you can use a laptop before it either becomes outdated or unusable for your needs.

More Money, Better Quality

As a rule of thumb, if your laptop costs less than $700 (₦288,000), your laptop should last for at least 2-4 years. For laptops that cost between $700-1000 (₦288,000 - ₦411,500) , 3-5 years should be ideal. Finally, any laptop that costs more than $1000 ( ₦411,500 and above) should last for at least 6 years.

It's important to note that using the said laptop as a makeshift volleyball will most likely shorten its lifespan.

Note: The naira values are based on exchange rates at the time of this writing

What Tasks are Executed on your Laptop?

The tasks you execute with your laptop can help predict how soon you'll call on Zudera to fix something. The more demanding the tasks, the less likely your laptop will see the next Olympics before visiting our workshop.

Video editing, graphic design, and gaming are a few examples of demanding tasks that will tire your computer out. If you’re using your laptop for easy tasks like sending emails, writing, watching whatever it is that you watch on the Internet ;) and editing documents, then you can expect your laptop to have a longer lifespan.

PS. By games we do not mean Solitaire, Minesweepers and Pinball please.

Do You Take Your Laptop for a Swim?

The better you take care of your laptop, the longer it will last. A few ways to take care of your laptop are

Keep it clean. Dust messes with your pc. This is often the case during the harmattan months. It's quite commonplace to see laptop vents and cooling units clogged with dust and debris, increasing the operating temperature of the laptop and potentially reducing its lifespan and in unfortunate cases, the lifespan of your sperm cells for males. (E shock you? Read the effects of placing your laptops on your thighs here)

Keep foods and liquids away from your laptop, and please tell the kids to avoid washing the laptops when they do the dishes. Please!

It is important to remember all laptops differ as do fingers and cars. Treat your laptop well and it will reciprocate.

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