• noble okonkwo

Guess who's finally jittering at the echoes of Electric vehicles?

History is replete with so many unpredicted moments when people expected things to remain the same but had their expectations crushed.

An example of such events includes the 9/11 attacks, which drastically changed the way the world viewed air space security. The Coronavirus pandemic is yet another example of an event capable of changing the status quo. In the tech world, there is another change looming in the horizon, and it's the rise of electric vehicles (E.V.s).

A few years back, electric cars seemed like an unachievable feat. These days, many car producing companies have begun taking the Electric vehicle revolution seriously. Whether or not they are late to the party is a tale to be told by time.

Like the Internet and its effect on our lives, electric vehicles seem to be on the path towards causing similar disruptions.

In 2020, over 1 million electric vehicles were sold out, and about 585,375 units are expected to be sold in the U.S. by 2021. Sales are also gathering numbers in China and other parts of the world. Countries like Nigeria are not left out as industry giants such as Hyundai have set up shop in anticipated response to the demand of a potentially huge market domiciled within the African giant's borders.

In a concerted effort to discredit these growing concerns, companies and individuals who have invested huge sums into the fossil fuel automobile industry have brought up several reports trying to discredit the environmental friendliness of E.V.s over fossil fuel automobiles.

A research conducted by Zap-Map among users in the U.K suggested that only 1% of E.V. users wished to return to fossil fuel cars with over 91% saying they would never return to burning fuels and oil leaks all in the name of mobility.

Currently, the prospect of E.V.s has been subjected to attacks which are mostly offshoots of the insecurity big oil companies must now nurture. Certain big players in the fossil fuel automobile industry have read the writing on the wall and are delving into E.V.s already.

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