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Google and SpaceX Partnerships

Just recently, a partnership that would shape the use of the internet in the world was established between SpaceX and Google cloud.

You may be wondering, what is SpaceX bringing to the table? SpaceX has a program called Starlink, which launched 1600 satellites into orbit and aims to launch a total of 12,000 by 2027. The intent, internet accessibility for everyone.

Google cloud is currently available in 200+ countries and territories with intentions to expand to other locations, and it possesses a high-capacity private network which will back the delivery of Starlink’s global satellite internet service, bringing everyone and all applications to any location virtually.

Availability of seamless connectivity of the internet will not be the only benefits of this partnership, Google businesses in rural and remote areas will also have access to cloud applications such as Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning and so many more.

SpaceX also struck a deal with Microsoft Azure cloud computing network last year. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Project Kuiper aims to offer the same service SpaceX and Google will be offering, leveraging on Amazon Web Services for network connectivity.

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