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The year 2020 may have ended on a good note for many; however it is a bittersweet experience for some as Adobe officially brought to end the service of Flash Player.

This is not out of the blues; Adobe had issued a statement about its intention to kill Flash three years prior. This development brings an era to an end, one which had proved helpful for teenagers in computer labs who wanted something to kill boredom during its glory days. If you had to get high quality games on your mobile devices without purchasing them, you had to go for copyright-infringing Flash options. It was simply awesome!

That said, Flash is now dead and buried with its manufacturer Adobe asking people to delete from their computers any files related with Flash Player since it will no longer receive security updates. It is therefore useless and may pose potential security threat to your computer. The manufacturers of Flash Player, Adobe released a set of instructions to guide users on how to uninstall the player from their Mac or Windows computers.

Much to the ease of users, the process appears quite direct and simple.

Adobe made a program specifically designed to uninstall Flash Player, you can find it in the instruction pages. You have to be certain you downloaded the one appropriate for your OS to begin with. After that, open your Download folder and select the Flash Player Uninstaller. Let it run and the job will be done!

For Mac computers, it literally works with fewer clicks. You can tell the program to delete the Adobe Flash Player and it will do so. You would have to close any browser window open at that time, so make sure you won’t lose important tabs.

Once the process is complete, the app will automatically lead you to a web page displaying a brief message from Adobe.

Flash Player has enjoyed quite a stint and it hurts to know that it has come to an end. Removing it from your computer with an app isn’t so much of a great way to say goodbye but the memories are worth cherishing.

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