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Difference between PABX and PBX

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As businesses try to ease communication flow within functional ranks, the use of calling systems have become necessary. However, certain confusions abound in this regard, the most prominent, the difference between PABX and PBX technology.

What does PABX stand for?


PABX is an acronym for ‘Private Automatic Branch Exchange’. This system solves the challenge of using multiple lines for in-house and external calls. It enables your firm to employ just one access number which would subsequently be channeled into many extensions.

Though PABX is basically an automated network, it doesn’t completely rule out manual effort. Someone still has to program your PABX, and assign extension numbers, call groups, etc..

What does PBX stand for?


PBX is a short way of writing ‘Private Branch Exchange’ and it is in truth the same as a PABX machine, thus the confusion. Most individuals tend to use these phrases interchangeably. For the sake of clarity, the PBX is the traditional acronym, however, when manufacturers began implementing certain automated features on the PBX systems, they decided to add an 'A' probably as a marketing gimmick.

In the 60's or 70's this may have mattered, but these days, a PABX and a PBX refer to one and the same voice communication technology, perhaps with different features, but fundamentally the same.

What exactly is the difference PABX and PBX system?

Actually, a PABX system is not very different from a PBX since they have similar functions. They are one and the same.

So next time someone is trying to con you of an extra 300,000 naira for a supposedly different PABX, just call Zudera and put it on loud speaker you hear?

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