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Dangers of Placing a Laptop on your Lap

Without a doubt, laptops are one of the most indispensable inventions of the 21st century if not the most indispensable. There’s scarcely any field of human endeavor that doesn’t appreciate the use of laptop computers.

As with most good things, laptops can cause certain issues if used carelessly. Laptops like most electronic devices radiate doses of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). And we all know that radiation isn’t exactly helpful to the human anatomy.

The biggest safety concern with laptops has to do with placing your laptop on your laps. While this might seem to be a comfortable gait, it can make you cry oceans tomorrow like Nkiru Sylvanus (pun intended)

Nkiru Sylvanus crying
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The dangers of placing a laptop on your lap isn’t only detrimental to your health but also to the safety of your laptop computer.

Here are some dangers associated with the use of laptops when placed on your lap:

Pregnant woman
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It may cause pregnancy-related problems: Long term laptop use by women may result in fertility issues. It can also obstruct egg production and make conception difficult.

Additionally, females who are already pregnant risk the health of their fetus through prolonged laptop use when placed on their laps. Some pregnant women under this condition give birth to babies with developmental impairments as a result of their fetus’s absorption of EMR from the laptop.

Smiling sperm
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Potential harm to reproductive organs: While the concept of laptops suggests operation on the laps of the operator, the wireless signals laptops emit have the ability to reduce sperm count in men and delay ovulation in women if used for prolonged periods of time.

A study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine discovered that laptops with internet connection can reduce the motility and DNA structure of sperms after long-term exposure.

Man having backache
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Neck and back aches: Bending over your laptop which sits on your lap may result in pains in your neck and back region. The remedy for this is to use your laptop from a table while you sit on an upright chair. This means that using your laptop in bed isn’t exactly healthy for your bones, and posture.

Source: Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

It may cause itching or skin burns: Reports have shown that laptop users who use them from positions close to their skin are prone to skin rash or mottled skin.

Seeing the way most of us can hold hot pap and akara on our laps just to keep Brother John from taking a jab from our bowl, most Nigerians, especially those with higher levels of melanin secretion seem to have a higher tolerance range for the heat.

While this affects mostly ajebo Nigerians, it makes sense to avoid a classic situation of chere kam bia.

These conditions emerge overtime and their severity depends on how long you’ve been using the laptop on your lap, and the amount of heat generated by the lower surface of the laptop. These problems tend to solve themselves naturally when you reduce exposure.

Broken monitor
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Damage to the laptop: Your laptop may slip from your lap and gboosai, 270,000 naira investment go just waka like that….

Meanwhile if you need to fix your laptop, just contact us @Zudera. Not that we pray that your laptop continues to fall and scatter, but man must chop.

Don’t allow the name ‘laptop’ confuse you, avoid using your laptop from your lap and save yourself the problems that come with it.

Not tomorrow you begin to blame Papa Nkechi for your low sperm count, or Mama Ramota for your skin burns and back aches.

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