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A TV that watches you while you watch it

A smart TV has the ability to connect to the internet, hence, it’s possible that while you’re watching TV, it could be collecting information about you and your viewing habits.

Imagine adding Apps to the picture, and you have a 44” tracker sitting right in front of your living room.

What TV manufacturers get from tracking is basically your ad preferences, etc. In all honesty, I doubt anyone is going to install a camera in a T.V to watch you unless you are a high-value target, however, you can never rule anything out these days.

The information obtained is then shared to marketing and advertising agencies. Thankfully, it is possible to turn off the data tracking on your smart TV provided you have precise knowledge of where you can find those features in the menu for settings on your TV.

We must also bear in mind that Streaming companies also track viewer’s data. Netflix gives you an opportunity to clear and have a duplicate of every data about you that has been collected.

The main purpose of Netflix collecting data is to be able to aid movie recommendations based on existing knowledge of your viewing preferences.

Steps on how to clear your viewing history on Netflix:

i. Sign into your Netflix account.

ii. Click your profile thumbnail.

iii. Click on Account and select your account icon.

iv. Click viewing activity.

v. Select and remove all viewing history

Netflix is just an example, there are a number of others, some of which include Amazon Prime, Roku, and Hulu.

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