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Your Voice is the Future!

Image by hamburgfinn from Pixabay

Most people express their feelings, desires and decisions by talking and this is probably why chat-boxes were such a welcome development in tech. With chat-boxes phasing out largely due to an evident lack of human connection, most tech users are seeking for a more comfortable, expressive and personal way to get their thoughts and messages across.

Thanks to new innovations like AI assistants (Siri and Alexa), wireless headphones and voice/speech recognition, we just may be closer to a time when we never have to go through the rigors of typing words or saying one word over and over before Siri recognizes that Ifeoma is trying to call "Brother John" when she says "Sili call Blother John," or that Oluwatobi is trying to call "Home" when he says "Siri call Ome phone."

Talk About Perfect Timing

Studies show that the average person utters about 150 words per minute, as opposed to the 40-word typing per minute average. With tech development, devices will be able to accurately decipher the context of our speech commands by learning our voice features, reading our moods, and understanding the struggles of the typical Anambra man in his quest to pronounce Parallelogram.

Who’s behind the mic?

Rumor has it that Google intends to launch an application that is a fully voice-based messaging app; Allo. It is presumed to be primarily aimed at extremely fast voice clip messaging with support for basic errands like reservations and enquiries.

Facebook is also one of the big names influencing this new market with tech developments, testing the possibility of sending voice messages and having them automatically converted to text in such a way that the recipient reads the message, instead of listening to it.

Tech is the future. It is important that your voice be heard in the future too. Plus, everyone knows the dangers and challenges associated with trying to text while driving and dodging FRSC forces on Nigerian roads :)

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