ZUDERA is an Engineering solution company offering IT related solutions and services to all sectors of the Nigerian economy and beyond. Zudera has been in business for over a decade, partnering with world renowned manufacturers to offer reliable solutions and services to organizations.

Our major strength lies in our ability to efficiently tailor solutions to meet the needs of specific clients.

Our Board of Directors and Management are seasoned, highly reputable and well trained professionals who ensure that the company operates at the highest level of professionalism and maintain good corporate culture. Our staff  are product trained, to ensure that they deliver the best to our customers.

Our experience can not be over-emphasized, which is why our list of clientele include Diplomat Missions, Top class Hotels, Multinationals,  Government Head Offices and offices, Education Sector, etc

We offer digital surveillance solutions coupled with our numerous top class areas of specialization such as VOIP communication within and without Premise, Digital Locks, Hotel Supplies, Intercom Telephony, and computer related services.